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Kirsti's Kreations was lucky enough to purchase Estate Jewelry from John Leake. John was a jewelry designer and purchased beautiful pieces for his wife from all around the world. Here is the backstory about John.


John Leake was born in 1931 in Washington DC. As young man, he grew up in DC and then Boston MA, having lived in Quincy on Sea Street at the waters edge with his mother and two siblings.  Later he attended Virginia Tech and studied Engineering and Graphic Design. He entered the Army, was commissioned and continued to study. In time, he found himself detailed to the Army Shooting Team, not by choice (you go where they send you) where he competed in National and International competitions taking 1st Place in most his divisions. He later moved into Army Intelligence which lead to a colorful history in both the Korean and Vietnam wars and had the family living throughout the US and in Europe. From his youth, John painted, sketched, wood carved and designed. His abilities in the arts & design was and remains impressive.  After retiring from the Army in 1971, John continued designing and in 1974 took up Jewelry Design after meeting the father of one of his son's friends.  John delved into the artistry of Jewelry, setting up his own studio in the 400 sq ft basement of the family home and a larger studio he built after the family built a new home.  John's design and arts background made him a natural at designing jewelry and carving his own mountings from wax, casting and setting. He was recognized with his early work with Tourquoise and other natural stones, and designed and crafted custom pieces and commissions of gold and silver.  These pieces are of his earlier work dating back to the late 70s thru the late 80s.  Today,  at 91, John continues his artistry by creating and designing features for the family Christmas Display in Redding CA.

The backstory of Jewelry by John Leake Designs as told by Joseph Leake.


I have two bracelets and an anklet from Kirsti’s Kreations handcrafted jewelry. They are beautiful. I wore the anklet in Maui for an entire week without taking it off. It withstood sand, the ocean, swimming pools, hot tubs, and many showers. That is excellent quality. I will be purchasing from Kirsti’s Kreations again for myself and the ladies in my family.

Stacie from Idaho


Everything about Kirsti’s Kreations was awesome. Orange is my favorite color this season, when I saw this bracelet I just had to have it. It definitely exceeded expectations and I love it. Everything from the quality and beauty to the great packaging and shipping was tiptop. If you haven’t shopped you need to check it out. Great communications too!

Sandy from Vancouver, Washington


I purchased two infinity bracelets that I just love. One has layering of blues and the other is all the fall colors layered. Love the look, craftsmanship, service, and value. You won't go wrong with any piece purchased from Kirsti's Kreations.

Lynn from Pennsylvania

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